How It Works

Four Simple Steps

PlayBrighter helps your students to learn, and makes it fun at the same time. Here's how.

You choose the questions

Every game on our site works with every possible question you could set your students – from spelling to science, French vocabulary to the Fibonacci series. We've written over 15,000 questions to get you started, and it's easy for teachers to create their own sets of questions, so that what you're testing can line up perfectly with your lessons.

We make them into a game

On PlayBrighter, you set your students ‘missions’. That means a challenge for the student to play one of our games, and progress through it by answering the questions that you've set. In the French room, students might release a Number One single by mastering the passé composé, or defeat an international conspiracy by conjugating avoir. In the Science labs, on the other hand, the same goals would be achieved by calculating friction or giving the forumula for sulfuric acid.

Success gets rewarded

When they complete the mission, your students earn a special on-site currency that they can spend to customise any aspect of their avatar, from haircuts and sunglasses to carbonite exoskeletons and red carpet ballgowns. Our own students went absolutely nuts for this feature, especially once the avatars started showing up in the game themselves. You might need to get used to being asked for extra homework...

We do the marking

As teachers, you can’t just promise improvement, you have to show it. That’s why PlayBrighter gives you a detailed results breakdown for every student on every mission, complete with juicy charts. And since you can use your own questions, it works for homeworks, and even tests. After all, it's no secret that marking is the worst part of the job...

And that's it

Signing up for PlayBrighter gives you everything on the site, completely free, and two missions with which to try it out on your students. We don't ask for a credit card or anything like that. There's nothing complicated or sneaky - just sign up, upload some students, and set them on a mission to learn!

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