Conspiracy v0.8

Conspiracy's been receiving a huge overhaul over the past couple of weeks. There's loads of new stuff, including:

THE DOJO - ready to train? Learn bruising new skills at this secret agency facility.
MULTIPLE MISSIONS - some conspiracies now offer you a choice of locations to visit, and branch accordingly.
BETTER PRE-MISSION SPEECHES - they're not a glaring eyesore anymore! Well, I mean, some are still a glaring eyesore, but they won't be by the end of the week.
SIR MANDEVILLE BRIGGS - you now have a boss! Which means that the email system has been rejiggered to be less confusing.

Like Billionaire, it's still not quite there yet, but under the hood, Conspiracy has the best skeleton of all our games to date. So expect plenty more meat put onto it over the coming months.