Buy! Buy! Buy!

Analysts today united to hail the latest build of Billionaire, stating that the impressive package of new features, speed improvements and bugfixes would lead to strong first-quarter returns for players.

William Dreary, associate vice president at Nordicbank, paid specific tribute to the new 'magazine thing' which will 'decoagulate flows in the product's Dixon ratios, dispersively asset-linking into the near-medium term and beyond'. Sandra Macpherson-Yates of Philips & Philips seconded the rosy verdict, singling out for praise the 'less jerky' processing, which technical experts attributed to better derivational profile-positioning and sunspots.

A small number of dissenting voices did remain, however. "Gameplay is still a little slow", argues PlayBrighter's Greg Pallis, an irrelevance who used to be a teacher or something. "Probably there'll be more changes coming". Various important people could not be reached for comment.