Do you like [new features / bug fixes / silly news post formats]? Because if so, or indeed if not, there are lots of all of those things that we've been busy adding over the past month or so.

Multiple choice has been probably the most requested feature since we started asking people what they wanted PlayBrighter to do - it's now live, and hopefully tolerable to use. Teachers can read more about it on the 'create a question' page.

Mission preview is probably the second most-requested, and that's now live as well. That one should make everyone's life easier - as soon as you click the button, the lovely Tina Teacher will be summoned to give it a run-through.

Its also now possible to upload questions from a spreadsheet, to tick students into and out of SEN mode, and to play Billionaire and have it definitely not crash. For real this time!

Also - lots of questions. Questions are definitely a priority right now, and those should be appearing all the time. ICT should be pretty much finished, and literacy is getting lots of work right now.