We've just added a sizable chunk of new cool-stuff to the site, to celebrate the new subjects that we're now supporting! Here's a list of all the changes, in rough order of importance...

Many new sets for: Chemistry, Latin, Geography (KS3&4), French (KS3), Literacy (KS2)

Questions, and even answers, now allow some fancier formatting. So if you wanted to quiz your students on the formula for sulphuric acid, or the result of squaring 'x', you've just acquired some much more appealing ways to do it.

The games will now automatically apply suitable subscript to student answers on PlayBrighter chemistry sets.

Charge bar will now appear on suitable chemistry sets, making it easier to enter ionic charges.

Sets which have numerical powers in their answers will now automatically display the 'power bar', which makes input of powers easier.

Billionaire will now apply a glow effect to a buyable building after a period of inactivity. This should help confused players.
Billionaire wrong answer prompt redesigned.
Musica accent buttons redesigned.

Fixed a bug where Billionaire's endscreen was freezing.
Fixed a bug where some accented characters were not displaying properly.

Answers containing commas (e.g. 'I, Claudius' should now work properly in multiple choice questions.
Answers containing slashes (e.g 12 km/h) should now work in multiple choice questions, if a 'pipe' (this character: | ) is used to separate answers.
Strict spelling mode should now be less fussy about full stops.
Ionia no longer displays an answerbox on multiple choice questions.
Pressing an accentbutton will no longer cause text to lose anti-aliasing.
Fixed a bug with accentbuttons on billionaire, which could sometimes make it impossible to enter answers on some devices.
Conspiracy now picks up keyboard input more smoothly.
Fixed a bug in which some images in conspiracy were too narrow to fit the game window.
Fixed a bug that was causing one type of star to display incorrectly during Musica live performances.
Fixed a bug that was causing the billionaire tutorial to display charles rather than chuck as the rival.
Fixed a bug in Musica which was causing the TOTP hostess to add one to the position of your debut single.
Fixed a bug in Billionaire which caused the question to reset if the chart was clicked repeatedly.
Fixed a bug in Conspiracy which caused a minor error if enemies were hit after the battle.
Fixed a bug in Musica which caused a minor error if the game was completed too quickly