Getting Physical

The big PlayBrighter server move has gone smoothly, which means that UK and European users should now be seeing a much snappier site. In addition to the reduced latency, the move has enabled us to double our memory capacity, and beef up many other areas of the site's performance.

Further changes:

Over 3000 new questions, covering Geography (KS3 & 4), Physics (KS4), ESOL, Physics and Welsh.

Every column on the site is now sortable. That means that teachers can create a leaderboard for a given mission at the touch of the button. For added student motivation - project onto the Interactive Whiteboard!

Multiple completions of the same mission now pay out diminishing returns in Peeble coins. This is to prevent students from endlessly re-completing earlier missions that are now far too easy...

Minor fixes:

Fixed some Musica issues that could lead to reviews calling the Player's band 'bandName'.
Conspiracy no longer displays multiple choice options on the correction splat.
Fixed an error that could occur when deleting own teacher record.
Fixed an issue that was causing Musica to overlay a CD on the 'Awesome Job' screen.
Fixed an issue that was causing question sets with long names to display incorrectly on the 'edit' page.