The End of Playbrighter

I'm a teacher, not a programmer. But in 2010, I made some videogames that I was proud of, and stuck them on the internet, and slowly they became the website that you're looking at today. Over time, PlayBrighter became free, and thousands of kids around the world played our games and hopefully, maybe, even learned something.

A lot of Peebles stylishly dressed. A lot of Conspiracies foiled. A lot of Number One hit singles.

I'd like to keep that going forever. But I don't have the technical chops to convert the games to some other platform, and that gives us a deadline.

So - on December 9th, PlayBrighter will no longer work.

I'm heartbroken about this, of course. If you can think of a workaround, if you want the source code to any of the games, if you just want to say hello, write to me -

Otherwise, I just want to say thank you - to all the teachers who set it up for their classes, and all the artists who made it pretty. To Dave Hall, who made our beautiful website, and to Richard and Steve who spent a year in Wales making it all so much better. And, of course, to every student who ever used it - you're what made it all worth it.