Latest news

  • The Fix Is In

    ALL GAMES now use an improved shuffling algorithm, which might be especially noticeable with smaller sets.

    IONIA now has:
    Intro and character-specific endgame screens
    Increasing difficulty as you progress - Violet will be a lot harder to beat than before.

    BILLIONAIRE is now less typing-speed sensitive - answering stock-market questions gives you a price boost that now includes all of the price you lost *while answering the question*.

    MUSICA was almost completely rewritten, with massive pacing changes and a new magazine-interview section.

    CONSPIRACY had some bugfixes. Which is slightly disappointing compared to the others, but there are definite cool things in the pipeline there...

  • Not so fussy...

    Our most recent big project at PlayBrighter labs has been tweaking the spellchecker used to check if answers are correct. It turns out that's rather a tricky thing for a computer to do - a human can easily tell that 'defanatley' is meant to be 'definitely', although three letters have changed to get there - on the other hand, 'bat' probably isn't meant to be 'cat', even if only one letter's changed!

    Greg used to teach dyslexic students in a past life, so this feature in particular means a lot to him - we hope you like it! We've also added some neat new backgrounds (and two new villains) to Conspiracy, just as an extra Christmas present.

  • Conspiracy v0.8

    Conspiracy's been receiving a huge overhaul over the past couple of weeks. There's loads of new stuff, including:

    THE DOJO - ready to train? Learn bruising new skills at this secret agency facility.
    MULTIPLE MISSIONS - some conspiracies now offer you a choice of locations to visit, and branch accordingly.
    BETTER PRE-MISSION SPEECHES - they're not a glaring eyesore anymore! Well, I mean, some are still a glaring eyesore, but they won't be by the end of the week.
    SIR MANDEVILLE BRIGGS - you now have a boss! Which means that the email system has been rejiggered to be less confusing.

    Like Billionaire, it's still not quite there yet, but under the hood, Conspiracy has the best skeleton of all our games to date. So expect plenty more meat put onto it over the coming months.

  • Musica Hotfix

    A wonderful beta tester has pointed out that Musica could be a little... eccentric about deducing the player's gender. That should hopefully now be fixed.

    Please keep the bug reports coming in - is the place.