Latest news

  • Billionaire v0.85

    Billionaire should now feel a lot snappier, and a lot less confusing, with the introduction of investment quests. Your board will now challenge you to pump up the share price at key moments in the game - are you up to the challenge? A juicy financial reward is waiting, if you are...

    Plus lots of interface and other changes designed to make the whole thing a bit smoother. Billionaire is still a work in progress (we'd like to unlock another map sometime, for a start), but it's starting to inch towards where it needs to be.

  • Questions and Answers

    We're heard the howls of rage from students, and made the answer checker slightly more forgiving than it was previously. It should now accept:

    Spelled out numbers - 'Three' as a synonym for '3', etc, and vice versa.
    True/False/Yes/No - 'T'/'F'/'Y'/'N' are now automatically accepted as shorter forms.
    'The' - so 'lungs' and 'the lungs' are now synonymous answers.

    That's in addition to what it accepted before - answers of 'Coca Cola', 'coca cola', 'cocacola' and so forth should all still be acceptable matches for 'Coca-Cola'. But if you want it to accept 'Coke' - that's down to you and your questions!

  • It's alive

    We've switched the domain over to the site, which means it's officially some kind of official. It's not quite at official BETA stage yet, but, well, doesn't it look pretty? We think it looks pretty.