Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

User privacy and data security is important to us at PlayBrighter. This policy outlines how we try to go about putting that into practice.

Students' data

'Student' means anyone who uses the site with a student account.

For a given student, we store:

  • Name - required for teachers to organize their classes and review results. The games also refer to the students by name, as we believe that it's much more exciting to read a profile of master investor 'John Smith' when this is the student's actual name. We do not share student names with anyone whatsoever, and they are not accessible in any context to any users outside your school, be they students or fellow teachers.
  • Key Stage - provided by the teacher, this also helps with class organization.
  • Mission History - this enables teachers to review past performance.

In general, the data related to your students is in your hands. Deleting a mission erases our internal record of that mission, and all student performances thereon, while deleting a student entirely removes him or her from our records.

For reasons of security, PlayBrighter staff do not have access to student passwords - both the student's permanent password and their temporary password-recovery password are inaccessible to us. We believe the additional security this provides outweighs the inconvenience.

PlayBrighter will never request an email address or any other contact details from a student.

Teachers' data

'Teacher' means anyone who uses the site with a 'teacher' account, which category includes certified and uncertified classroom teachers, home educators, and curious passers-by.

We request the following information from teachers:

  • Name and title - this allows screens viewed from the teacher's account to be customized so that they display the teacher's name in the form commonly used by schools (e.g. Mr Doe, Mrs Roe, etc.)
  • School Name - this is displayed on the teacher's account page. PlayBrighter may attempt to identify the school, but will not contact the school without your consent. Home educators are welcome to supply a generic 'Home School' in this field.
  • Email address - PlayBrighter will use the email address provided to contact teachers with information related to their usage of the site, such as product development news, billing information, and requests for user feedback. We will not share your email address with anyone else.
  • Subject taught - an optional field. If a teacher specifies a particular subject, this subject will be prioritized when the teacher uses the question browser.

We will not share any data related to teacher or student accounts with any third-party company.

Data Protection Act

PlayBrighter is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) to store student and teacher data, under registration entry Z3153349.


We take your privacy seriously. If you have any questions about this policy, or if you feel it could be improved, please do not hesitate to email Greg directly.